Feel *this,* ad writers pt.II, the saga continues

The "caucasian" part of that same ad, sent later on Launchcast:

"Therefore it is with great pleasure that I'd like to welcome blabla to the board of directors of Majorcorp Unlimited Ltd. Come on up!"

"Thank you. These great times are presenting great challenges to our corporation. We need to downsize and outsource the jobs of..." (fades)

(whispers, back of room)

"Wow. This is just great for him. You know?"

"Yeah, really."

"He's done such a great job. You should have heard his speech to the board the other day. He's very articulate ... (pregnant pause) ... for a black man. Y'know what I mean?"

(With "um's" added to emphazise that this isn't being read aloud from a script.)
"Um. No, Bill. I um...really don't know what you mean."

(Deep, serious voice)

"The first step to fighting racial prejudice is taking a stand. And also perpetuating the self-fulfilling narrative of black people as illiterates who are only interested in hip-hop and basketball, while portraying the typical white man as a board member of a big corporation. This ad paid for by bla bla bla."
(I paraphrase.)


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