Last words before the storm

Woody Allen once wrote

"More than any other time in history, mankind faces a crossroads. One path leads
to despair and utter hopelessness. The other to total extinction. Let us pray we
have the wisdom to choose correctly." (Side Effects, 1980)

It is in the spirit of that statement that I now urge those of you who can, to choose correctly. I'm talking about the elections, of course. I ask you on behalf of the rest of the world, i.e. me and everyone I know. Let's consider the options, in a fair and balanced manner:

George W. "Miserable Failure" Bush:

Bush seems like a nice enough guy, if you like his type, but his administration has been, and continues to be, a miserable failure. His war on terrorism has been largely unsuccessful, and has shown complete disregard for human rights. The American military continues to be bogged down in Iraq with no end in sight. It was an unneccessary war which continues to cost innocent lives. All this while insisting on driving the economy into the ground. His administration has been perpetuated by it's uncritical support in the media, but does not deserve your extension of its mandate.

And then, there's John Kerry:

A sensible guy who wouldn't have done all of that. Not so much the best option as the only option.

That means: if you're a conservative, please don't vote. If not for me, then for your children's lives. If you're a democrat, please, please, please, vote for Kerry. If you're Green or Libertarian, or something similar, let me put this in the (slightly paranoid, but apt) words of William Gibson:

This isn't the election in which to make the quixotic but satisfying point that you'd really rather vote Green, or the quixotic but satisfying point that you'd really rather not have to vote for any more white men in tight blue suits at all.

This is an election in which to vote for *the greater likelihood of there being more elections in the future*.

It's too close to call, even now. That means that every vote counts, including, and especially, yours. Thank you. Now, go vote. Y'know. For Kerry, not Bush.


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