An interesting piece of musical synchronicity:

I just glanced at my iPod, and it told me that the song I was listening to was "Weather Storm" by Massive Attack. I knew the song well, have listened to it often. Never knew its name before.


The first time I heard this piece was last January around this time. I had just gotten the CD, and was listening to it while walking from the apartment where I was staying at the time to somewhere else (I forget where). It was about a month before I met Ragnfrid, and I walked through the city feeling maudlin for existential reasons. There was a blizzard that night. Huge, wet snowflakes driven by a mean wind, blinding me, plastering my hair to my forehead. The song seemed to express and augment the impression of the weather, my own emotional state.

So whenever I think of this piece of music, or hear it, it conjures up the image of this one particular street, under these particular trees, the flurries of heavy snow through headlights, this particular part of my emotional landscape attuned to these notes of the piano, this mechanical beat, this particular landscape that I also criss-crossed aimlessly on the night I met her.

And it's called "Weather Storm." How perfect. I must, the first time I heard that song, have been the perfect listener. The implied listener for that particular work.


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