An interview with Douglas Coupland at Nerve.com.

Why don't you blog?
Back in '91 or '92, I kept a diary, but I realized I was doing my life in this modular, paragraph-y way, thinking "Is this a diary entry or not?" I'd end up deleting all these big chunks of life when their only crime was that they weren't bloggable. Also, I type with two fingers — I took metalwork instead of typing.

So what's bloggable, then?
When you bump into someone from high school and they weigh two hundred pounds. The whole thing about Liz is that she lives a very quiet, interior life. A lot of the changes in life are not car crashes or insane situations — you can be at a stoplight one day and realize something that happened fifteen years ago went to your taproot and you're a different person. Nothing happened, but everything happened. So in this strange way, you're always going forward. I really wanted this book to have a stillness — not that it's an anti-blog or anything, blogs are great — but I don't think it's conducive to fiction.

To which I say "nuts," but I think it's interesting that the authors most branded as chronicling life right now, the storytellers of our generation, the bards of a songless generation blah blah blah now actually have to defend not having a blog.

(I do like a lot of Douglas Coupland's writing, though)


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