The Iraqis holding their first-ever national election seems to drown out the news that Saudi Arabia is holding elections too.

That's right, our staunch allies in the war on terrorism are holding an election.

"But," you ask, "surely this election among our peace-loving allies is not such big news as a first-ever parliamentary election in a former dictatorship?"

Ah, my unknowing friend, you are not aware that our staunch allies have never held an election before? That this is their first nationwide election ever? You are also not aware that the elections are not for parliamentary representation, but for half the seats in the municipal councils? And no, women are not allowed to vote.

But: it is a step in the right direction, and it might actually lead to real will for democracy, rather than the Iraqi democracy-by-gunboat-diplomacy model. In fact, I think this is a better sign than the Iraqi elections.

What this does tell us, as if we needed to be told, is that American foreign policy is hypocritical.


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