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The desperate crisis of mankind, which is today the historical crisis of the middle classes in an epoch of supremacy, has once again been reduced to a crisis of revolutionary leadership.

The Particularity Caucus has revealed itself as an opportunist caucus. It has betrayed the singular revolution.

As time goes on the desperate particularist efforts to hold back the wheel of history will demonstrate more clearly to the masses that the crisis of bourgeoisie leadership, having become first and foremost a culture crisis, can only be resolved by the revolutionary vanguard of the Singularity Caucus.

Your efforts are in vain: For even in struggling against the Singularity you are still ultimately at it's bidding, as was the disciple when he betrayed his master in the garden. Everything is contained within the Singularity. It has no outside.

So repent and rejoin while there is still time! Or don't - for it is all the same to the Singularity.

Good luck!

February 19, 2006 5:09 am  

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