North of the polar circle, baby

New photos in Flickr by yours truly. Some premiere pictures after Henning von G-B's play, and some other stuff.

But the order of the day, in the immortal words of Robert Plant, is:
Babe. Baby baby I'm a-gonna leave you, uh-yeah.
I'm gonna leave you when thuh ...sum-mer-ti-ime
leave you ...when the summer comes a-ro-o-lin' huh yeah
Uuuuuhhrr leave you when the summer comes aro-o-u-uund.
Put it another way: we're going north to yet another wedding, but we're doing some road tripping as well. We'll be gone until the 15th of July (Julius Caesar was born in July. What are the odds!? Born on the 12th, as a matter of fact). Internet access is probably sporadic at best, so don't expect too much. But we'll be back with more after these messages.

If you need to reach me, try my
cell-phone: +47 986 20 468
or send me an email (I'll get it eventually)
at martin dot g dot larsen at student dot uib dot no

And now: shut the computer off and go outside, silly. It's a beautiful day.



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