Good Morning, Citizen

For your safety and comfort, this blog is dedicated this morning to the topic of fasci democracy. Democracy is blooming around the world, under the robust, healthy rule of our benevolent World Leader, the US. But danger is everywhere! "Liberal" subversives (liberafascists) are spreading their dangerous propaganda. They use "websites" like this, where their insidious propaganda posters are "funny" and "correct" about dangerous topics like Universal "healthcare". While distinctly promoting fascism!

Fascism, as you know, is the scourge of democracy! Sites like this, and the people who read them will need to be re-educated eventually. Don't support them. Make a list of people you know who read websites such as this and give them to your local intelligence agency.

And whatever you do, don't look at the Oreo cookie animation. It may be great infotainment but it's a source of comfort to our terrorist enemies.

That will be all, citizen. You may go about your day. Remember: Peace through security, security through strength.


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