Zoom, Wide-angle

A beautiful video of cities at night seen from space. The astronauts on the ISS have macgyvered a machine that compensates for their orbital motion, and are now able to take focused photographs of cities at night. The resulting video is very beautiful and does that thing I love where your perspective on your own situation suddenly zips out three degrees of magnitude.

It's quite a contrast to the very-close-up weekend out in the wilderness around Hemsedal, which was only interrupted by sudden, huge, stunning vistas of the surrounding territories and weather systems forming 200 kilometers away. Decidedly rural, though. Skiing, eating, drinking, snow-bathing, talking, talking, talking: delightful. Photographs to follow.


Blogger Mikkel said...

This is bowie to bowie...

April 07, 2008 7:15 am  

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