And number 6 on our list of priorities is...

A site I really like is WikiHow. It's like Wikipedia, but for things that you can do. It's basically a place where people share techniques for accomplishing anything from hacking a coke machine to escaping from handcuffs to washing windows (that's what I was looking for this time - I'm washing my windows and wondered if there wasn't some way of making it easier. Answer: not really).

Anyway, The list of most popular pages on WikiHow is immensely entertaining reading and not a little sad.
1. Main Page ‎(32,542,616 views)
2. Categories ‎(2,826,660 views)
3. French Kiss ‎(2,215,807 views)
4. Get Six Pack Abs ‎(2,078,210 views)
5. Lose Weight Fast ‎(1,814,553 views)
6. Love ‎(1,748,584 views)
7. Draw Graffiti Names ‎(1,032,296 views)
8. Use Peter Answers ‎(1,022,066 views)
9. Kiss ‎(989,762 views)


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