It's "Let's Insult the Newly Dead", live on DICK FM, with your host, John Ziegler!

Back in the day, David Foster Wallace wrote an epic and tremendously good 24-page article called "Host" on the apoplectic fury of American right-wing talk radio. The article, in addition to being collected in Consider the Lobster, is now online in full (you have to click the coloured boxes to get the full effect). Now John Ziegler, the talk-show host that Wallace covered in the piece has responded to Wallace's death in an editorial. And he's being a bit of a dick about it:
I was neither as surprised, nor as upset by this tragedy as the many in the elite realm of reputable literature seemed to be.


I also believe that there is an equally fine line between real genius and just plain weirdness. In my experience, Wallace had very little of the former, so he exaggerated the latter.
I particularly like how he stressed that the literary world is an "elite realm". For more, we now go live to Scott Eric Kaufman at Edge of the American West. Scott?

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