An excellent essay posted over at This Modern World about Iraq and the helicopter attack which was supposed to destroy a wrecked Bradley tank, and wound up -whoops- killing the 22 civilians who were dancing on it.

Blood splashes on the lens. The camera spins. Tiny glimpses of terrible

Without a beat, without reflection, without even a moment of minimal
thought, Wolf Blitzer moves on. As do we, collectively.

And that's that. America kills innocent civilians. Lots of them. And it's
no big deal now. Not controversial. No reason to ask questions or rationalize or
even pretend to soul-search like the national media once did. America kills
civilians. Lots of them. Just part of the fabric of things now.

I'll bet the helicopter pilot never supposed firing missiles into a crowd would kill unarmed civilians. Read the essay. Also, read the comic. They're both really good.


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