Child of largely abstract cultural icon lives, works in Havana, Cuba

Being the daughter of Che Guevara for only 6 years before his death must be like being the offspring of an Andy Warhol painting or James Dean. Anyway, this article in the NY times is interesting, if nothing else then for the image it brings to mind: of the child of a socialist hero (I use the term in a cultural, not a personal sense) being forced to see her father's face on the t-shirts of mindlessly assimilated idiots everywhere, knowing they have no idea what he stands for.

We are happy as a family when my father's image inspires people to learn more about him and his thinking, but often the commercialization seems to us like a lack of respect for who he was and what he stood for.

True, but, that having been said, let's not forget about the firing squads, either.

Fun fact: my father was a part of the team who first translated and published the writings of Che, Fidel et al into Danish.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Che-symbols seem to be emptied, without a message, merely through the commercialisation, however, I still think they have some sort of semiotic power.
I'm just glad they're not running around with Thatcher or Reagan on their t-shirts.

October 10, 2004 2:46 pm  
Blogger MGL said...

Or Dubya. Brrr... Imagine looking at the shaved monkey forever.

October 10, 2004 2:50 pm  

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