When I suggested recently to someone I know that I might publish the idea for my masters thesis online before I submit it, the response was "but someone might steal it!" Which, I suppose, is true. But that way of thinking goes against the way academia is supposed to work.

I just found a paper on blogging (it's PDF), by Jill Walker and Torill Mortensen, which talks (amongst many other things) about precisely this problem, accentuating the processual in academics through the process of maintaining a weblog. Also many other interesting thoughts on the topic (it's a sort of primer on weblogs), which I'm certain will be of a lot of use for me.

I'm definitely going to be doing this. The thesis idea goes online in a few days, when I get back from Fjaler...

Which, by the way, is the strangest place I've been in a while. More on this later.


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