Det nærmer seg valgtid, i kongeriket Finnmärck, og det kan være vanskelig å vite hva det hele handler om. Heldigvis så har man Encyclöpädia Finnmärckiä. Noen utdrag:
Välgfrihet: A ridiculously expensive private school for the children of the elite, located in the vicinity of Börett, on one of the many islands of the Bäconbukten.

Væælfæærdsschtaat: Literal meaning: Site of Pilgrimage. A fairytale land that is rumored to exist east of the sun and west of the Væærdisckäping. Many have gone in search of it, but they have all perished. Sadly, this doesn’t prevent others from trying. Every year hundreds of people, both young and old, die on their way to the Væælfæærdsschtaat.

Væærdighet: A type of food poisoning you get from eating putrid moose meat. According to superstition, væærdighet is actually the product of a nasty Kväpodder curse. If a person suddenly gets ill for no apparent reason, is institutionalized or can’t take care of himself, he is said to have væærdighet.


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