down in flames

My computer crashed. I still have no idea what kind of damage might have been done to my data. All my texts are ok, though. I keep them on my USB key ring at all times. Worst case scenario: all my student account emails from the past year, most of our photographs, all the software I've downloaded illegally, all the mp3s I don't happen to have a CD of because I downloaded them illegally oh God I'm being punished aren't I?, anything you might have emailed me, my photoshop works-in-progress, etc.

The timing absolutely could not be worse, what with Ragnfrid's machine still being in the hospital, and me going to Copenhagen on Saturday, it probably won't be fixed for weeks! Ah! I'm suffering from internet withdrawal already. Makes you think about, y'know, how computers rule our lives and... stuff.

Anyway, all my email accounts are web-enabled, so I'm still reachable, but I'll probably only check them once or twice a day. If you really need to get ahold of me, use the phone.


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