Here's what it looks like statistically speaking

Reason the Palestinians are responsible for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? They just won't quit, despite the fact that they're being killed 3 to 1. Any sane person would stop this senseless attack on the Israeli. The Palestinians must be mindless barbarians, since they keep on being agressors. Hence, they are to blame. More interesting facts in the link.

Also, a really interesting bit: Palestinian deaths in the conflict are underreported in the AP wire service (which I'm guessing is fairly representative), corresponding to Israeli deaths, by an almost 2 to 1 ratio.

We found a significant correlation between the likelihood of a death receiving coverage and the nationality of the person killed.

In 2004, there were 141 reports in AP headlines or first paragraphs of Israeli deaths. During this time, there had actually been 108 Israelis killed (the discrepancy is due to the fact that a number of Israeli deaths were reported multiple times).

During the same period, 543 Palestinian deaths were reported in headlines or first paragraphs. During this time, 821 Palestinians had actually been killed.4

In other words, 131% of Israeli deaths and 66% of Palestinian deaths were reported in AP headlines or first paragraphs.

That is, AP reported prominently on Israeli deaths at a rate 2.0 times greater than Palestinian deaths.

In reality, 7.6 times more Palestinians were killed than Israelis in 2004.


Comparing running totals for actual deaths and reported deaths once again reveals that while AP’s reporting on Israeli children’s deaths closely tracks the reality, the reporting on Palestinian children’s deaths lags far behind the actual number, following a path similar to Israeli children’s deaths. This is in stark contradiction to the reality, in which Palestinian children were being killed at a rate over 22 times greater than Israeli children.
Deaths of Palestinian children in the conflict are underreported at a whopping 7.5 to 1 ratio. Which, coincidentally, is the inverse to the actual statistical facts: 722 Palestinian children killed since September 2000, 121 Israeli children. That is, a roughly 7:1 ratio in (dis)favour of the Palestinians, yet the reporting in the media is 7 times more likely to be about Israeli children dying. Isn't that interesting? It's almost as if one of these two groups have better PR, or maybe more powerful friends? And while the disproportional level of power is held static, children are dying. Statistically speaking.


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