What we're really thinking about

The new Google Trends system tells us what people are searching for on Google. The most interesting thing to do with this is a comparison study. Let's do some data mining, and find out what people are really thinking about!

As it turns out, people are pretty concerned about their jobs, (though much less concerned about money, it seems, so the important thing is probably having something to do, rather than the rewards for doing it) and as you can tell from the graph, they are fairly interested in the spiritual things as well, with a fairly constant background hum of godly interest. It is apparent that people the world over need God and jobs.

But mostly, we just want to get horizontal. People all around the world need to get laid more often. Also, the evening news, judging by what we actually want, ought to look very different from what it does look like. Actually, "make love, not war" sums up pretty well what we really want.


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