[commence the coconut-like sound of coconuts]

By the by, I've said this before, but I'm really sorry I never get around to renewing the Winter 06 design. I'm always either vacationing or too busy doing Actual Work, and when I do work on a design, I find that I have forgotten almost everything I learned in the first design, and will now have to relearn it. But in my copious spare time, I am doing some work right now on a design. It involves the colors grey, white and orange, and is based on the Holy Grail layout in this article. If you're interested in getting to know CSS positioning, I can recommend working through this piece of code.

I could make the mandatory Monty Python joke about unladen African/European swallows now, and I could even have tied that into the Norwegian saying "one swallow doesn't make it summer" referring to the persistence of my winter design. But I couldn't really find an elegant way of making the connection, and anyway I started this post in English. You'll have to go without the joke. But I'm just telling you it would have been great. It would have had you rolling in the aisles.


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