Gen X goes critical mass (ca. 2003)

I'm surprised that this ridiculously unlikely occurence didn't bring on the endtimes: William Gibson, Michael Stipe and Douglas Coupland meet by chance in a watch store in Tokyo. Thus, with the entire symbolic representations/ representators/ inventors/ poet laureates of Generation X all gathered together, I can only assume that some critical mass was achieved. In retrospect, this nodal point of history will come to be thought of either as the pinnacle of Gen X's power, from which all would go downhill. Or the beginning of their ultimate rise to a position of world domination.

Berlin update: I've been swimming, and I biked 20 kilometers today. And I read a long article by Derrida. The asphalt is still melting, and the booze is still ridiculously, tantalizingly cheap, but all you want is water and lots of it. I've drunk 4 litres a day since I got here, and I never stop being thirsty.


Blogger Mikkel said...

Don't tell me you can't recognize a bad shop job.

(I just made that term up. It means photo manipulation. Use it as much as you can, we'll start a trend!)

July 29, 2006 7:20 pm  

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