Beyond the veil

It seems almost impossible, but we are going to a place with neither
internet nor cell phone connections. We will be cut off from the world
for days beyond that nebulous borderline on the frontier of the
internet. The undiscovered country from which no traveller has
blogged. The places in the world which know no emoticons. Surely an
opportunity for landing ourselves in the middle of an Agatha Christie
novel. Wish us luck.

martin grüner larsen
sofies gate 66a
0168 oslo
+47 986 20 468
blog: http://pen-to-paper.blogspot.com


Blogger mrtn said...

Hmm. My new .sig-file seems to have gotten appended. But it did read like a postcard.

Anyway, *now* we're leaving the land of the internet. This is the last stop.

July 04, 2007 7:35 pm  

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