We are one messed-up little species.

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Blogger suttonhoo said...

have you seen that movie? I can't remember the name now... it's a documentary in which the filmmaker clipped together all the filmed nuclear blast tests in history.

all of them.

it's numbing. and horrifying.

p.s. seeing paul krugman tonight -- anything you want me to ask him?

November 08, 2007 3:46 pm  
Blogger mrtn said...


1. Ask him to describe his economic utopia. What is the ideal state he wants to steer the economy towards?

2. How long does he think the damage done by the Bush administration to the US economy will take to undo?

3. Ask him to react to the piece in the NYRB - is it true he has gone from being a neutral everynomic to being a "radical" partisan? Describe the process of radicalisation.

4. Get video or audio!

November 08, 2007 3:50 pm  
Blogger suttonhoo said...

k. if I take video or audio they may haul me out of the room, so maybe not.

these are good. since I can't be the crazy lady who dominates the mic I'll pick my fave -- unless you want to tell me which ONE you most want to hear about? ;)

November 08, 2007 5:11 pm  

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