An expanding market for the cosmetics industry

Mark Story has taken some stunning portraits of people who have been worn by age. Some have lived in both the 19th, 20th and 21st century, while others just looked unusually worn for their age. The descriptions of the lives of the supercentenarians are oddly poetic, as though these people have already become living stories about themselves.

114 Year 226 day-old
African American woman —
the 3rd oldest living person in the world,
and 2nd oldest living woman in the USA.

Both of her parents were slaves.

The family ate the food they grew.
She never watched her diet
and was never heavy.

She never smoked or drank,
and was 100 years old when
she first saw a doctor.

She was married to her second husband
for 72 years and has
3 children,
5 grandchildren,
46 great-grandchildren,
95 great-great-grandchildren,
and 38 great-great-great-grandchildren.
I love the fact that there are still people alive with slaves for parents. Makes you understand how the distant past is not so distant after all.

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so beautiful.

January 04, 2008 2:45 am  

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