Iowa Caucus

Hilary Clinton: "after all the town meetings, after all the pie and coffee, it comes down to this: who's ready to be president and start solving the big challenges that we face..."

What? You can solve a challenge? I thought you could rise to meet it, or face it, or whatever. You solve problems.

Anyway, I remain solidly undecided on which of the three democratic candidates to root for. I think Kos actually expresses my feelings pretty well in this post. I'd be happy with any three of these, against the freak show that the GOP has. All of the contestants for the conservatives are empty haircuts, fat wallets and Bible-thumpers. Some of them, like Huckabee and Romney, actually have the potential to be worse than Bush jr.

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Blogger Kapitalismus said...

Do not forget Giuliani, he is just as hawkish as Bush - if not even more.

Personally I have no problems with either Obama or Hillary. But God forbid that Edwards ever get near the West Wing. His Classhatred rhetoric and assertions of corporate greed - not to mention fear of globalization is far beyond me, and I hope far beyond the democratic primaries. I think Edwards uses fear even more than Darth Cheney at his worst.

Much rather Obamas optimistic message of change.

I endorse John McCain, been a fan of him ever since I started following american politics. He his the guy who most prominently are following in the footsteps of Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan, founders of the modern conservative movement, which was (contrary to popular belief about contemporary evangelical influenced GOP) founded on libertarian principles; small state, low taxes, personal liberty and personal responsibillity.

And as Newsweek and W.Posts Fareed Zakaria so acurately noticed, whereas Reagan spoke about the shining city on the hill - welcomed to everybody, todays GOPs except McCain, is trying to overbid themself in how far they are willing to go keep people out.

That is why, Even though I generally prefer GOP president rather than a Democratic one (probably no surprise to you there Martin), I think you do have some good points regarding this years republican candidates, they really are not sparking any enthusiasm, which also seem to be the judgement from the republican electorate, however that might change, espicially if Hillary becomes the democratic nominee.

The most important issue for me is the candidates positions on trade, economic liberty and economic openess, I really do fear the protectionist wind blowing in the states now a days. Even a economic reasonble man as Paul Krugman has started to doubt the positive effects of free trade (notice that he firmly says that he is NOT a protecionist), however it is nice to see that Krugman finally start to focus on issues again, instead of constantly telling people how much he hates republicans.

If it (protecionism) were to establish itself as official american policy it most definetly would hurt the world economy and of course America itself.

Anyway, it will be very exicting to follow the presidential campaign no matter how it turns out.

BTW, happy new year!

January 03, 2008 2:57 pm  

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