I'm having one of those "There is so Much AWESOME STUFF Being Made in the World" – moments

The reason: 3 visual candy sites I have found in rapid succesion today.

1. ffffound!
Which, apart from having a great name, basically consists of a bunch of people trawling the internet and finding awesome graphics and collecting them on their site. Sort of like the Shädy Äcres image editorial policy, but done by more people and without the text. And they probably smell better, too.

The result is fantastic. A collection of photographs, typography, graphic design, logos, illustrations, etc., etc. And it never stops being interesting. It doesn't stop dropping my jaw. If you only follow one of these links, follow this one.

2. 'Skine Art is a site which contains pages from visual artist's moleskine sketchbooks. Lots of really awesome use of the book's layout.

3. The photographic philosophy of Ryan McGinley (which I ffffound via Ffffound (oh, and probably NSFW depending on where you W)) seems to mostly consist of telling people to get naked and do stuff (though they seem mostly to not be doing what most people would imagine you were talking about if you asked them to get naked and do stuff). The results are captivating and annoyingly youthful and energetic.

The freakiest picture in there is undoubtedly the one of a naked man with his head more or less in a bear's armpit. The bear is in motion, the man seems to stand completely still, while the bear appears to lean on him. C-r-r-eepy.

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