Radio is cleaning up the nation

So I'm at work but I had to share this with someone (typing on my lunch break, obviously!):

I'm listening to my Launchcast internet station (which I should stop doing - they are pushing new songs I'm uninterested in hard, and obviously because it's new material that the record companies are trying to sell) and every now and then a commercial comes up, but I don't really listen to that very hard. But suddenly I notice what the woman is saying:

It's a commercial for a company called (I think) Esurance. She's going on and on about how seriously they take the climate crisis, and how Esurance customers are just so climate-friendly because they are saving all this paper, see, because they have all their documents online! "The road to a better tomorrow starts here", she says, all chipper, like. She's all about saving the rainforest.

The road-metaphor turns out to be apt: it's AUTO-insurance they're selling. That's AUTO as in cars. As in exhaust fumes. As in American cars, because it's a US company. That's the US as in the world's largest emitter of climate gases, with over one fifth of all carbon emissions, despite having only 1/50th of the world's population. And yes, that's cars, as in the second-largest source of carbon emissions in the US, providing roughly a third of total emissions, second only to coal-burning power plants.

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