interviews sight unseen

I have a limited amount of free time to my day in the next few days, and would prefer this time to be spent eating and sleeping and maybe taking the occasional bathroom break. This is why I am putting links to four long, great interviews with spectacularly interesting people which I want to check out later when I'm through dangling my modifiers. These interviews just sort of stumbled across my path today during my lunch break and I had no time to read them:

1. Barack Obama. Because this blog just can't get enough of Barack Obama.

2. Cory Doctorow gives a long interview to the Onion A/V Club, about his latest novel Little Brother, Creative Commons, technology, etc.

3. William Gibson is interviewed at Io9 about draft dodging, G*dzilla, etc.

4. Talking radioheads David Byrne and Thom Yorke are interviewed at Wired about the value of music, copyright and the digital age.

Between these, and yesterday's post on Solstad, I should have something to do once I get some time on my hands again.


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