Being a community organiser is sort of like having actual responsibility

Why is it that YouTube's comment sections are relentlessly horrible while Flickr's are (mostly) full of delight and good cheer? As an exercise in community-building, Flickr really is one of the best examples on the interwebs.1 There are lots of reasons for that. A lot of it has to do with a woman named Heather Champ, who is nation-builder-in-chief at Flickr. All Norwegian community builders, especially newspapers, take note of what this article says between the lines: the hosts of the community set the tone of the community through active presence in it and nurturing of it.

1. I just realised that all of the jokes about "internets", "interwebs", "nukular", etc. are soon going to be obsolete. For a second I felt a slight twinge of nostalgia and sadness. Then I realised what I was actually thinking about and laughed maniacally.


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