Interesting article in NY Times on the last days of the Obama campaign. It's filled with nice little details of how profoundly weird being in a presidential race must be:

The lines in Mr. Obama's face have grown a bit deeper since he started his campaign, with the notches of gray hair along his temples far more pronounced. He often carries the look of exhaustion, but flying the other night to Nevada, where he arrived after midnight, Mr. Obama passed on the chance to take much of a nap.

Instead, he walked around the cabin of his airplane, which is about the size of a bedroom, and talked about a favorite diversion, the coming basketball season, as he took care not to step on a senior foreign policy adviser, Mark Lippert, who was asleep on the floor.


"He said he likes to go out trick-or-treating, but he can't anymore," Mr. Reid said in an interview, recalling the conversation he had with Mr. Obama. "He said he guessed he could have worn a Barack Obama mask."


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