This article on the German passivhaus building standard is the most emailed article in the NY Times today. And it is a marveolous and interesting article about one of the keys to solving the climate crisis. I'm just a little bit resigned, because what the NY Times is oohing and aahing about is a major part of George Monbiot's solution in his book Heat, published over two years ago (and which I still hold to be the definitive introduction to the climate change problem). There are people out there with great solutions, but they are being held back from the public debate for some reason, maybe because they have been perceived as radicals for too long?


I want to write something more substantial about Gaza, but the whole thing makes me sick. Not just for the blood and the loss of life, but for the fact that every bomb dropped is another nail in the coffin of a peace in our time.

Meanwhile, the international community seems to be asking for the violence on both sides to stop, many adding that the violence is disproportional, and that the loss of civilian life caused by Israel is unacceptable. The phrase "maximum restraint" is thrown around a lot. I'd like to add that the end of the oppression of the Palestinian people would be nice, too.

Wikipedia is starting to get pretty good at quickly putting up pages related to current events. Here's a helpful one for the current bombing attacks.


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