William Gibson has a moving little piece on the difference between the America he grew up in, and the America that is happening this afternoon.

He also makes mention of that bus station, btw, in his poem "Agrippa: A Book of the Dead" which was an early digital piece made on a diskette which could only be read once, now available online as a "regular" poem:

When the colored restroom
was no longer required
they knocked open the cinderblock
and extended the magazine rack
to new dimensions,
a cool fluorescent cave of dreams
smelling faintly and forever of disinfectant,
perhaps as well of the travelled fears
of those dark uncounted others who,
moving as though contours of hot iron,
were made thus to dance
or not to dance
as the law saw fit.


The Nielsen-Haydens have assembled what feels like the truest history of the Bush years.


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