Exposure bias 0

Camera manufacturer Mercury Peripherals Inc.
Camera model Deluxe Classic Cam
Exposure time 1/2 sec (0.5)
F-number f/2.8
Date and time of data generation 2003-11-05T00:01:18-08:00
Lens focal length 7.4545454545455 mm
Image title Unknown
Orientation Normal
Number of components 3
Horizontal resolution 72 dpi
Vertical resolution 72 dpi
Software used Adobe Photoshop CS2 Macintosh
File change date and time 2006-02-24T20:53:13-08:00
Y and C positioning 2
Exposure Program Normal program
ISO speed rating 87
Exif version 2.1
Date and time of digitizing 2003-11-05T00:01:18-08:00
Image compression mode 3
Exposure bias 0
Maximum land aperture 1.5
Metering mode CenterWeightedAverage
Light source Unknown
Color space sRGB
It's the embedded metadata for this picture.


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