My friend the author and academic Øyvind Vågnes – not to be confused with Øystein Vidnes – has joined a research centre for the study of visual culture. They have an appropriately funky and well-designed web page, which is actually full of interesting and dynamic content, unlike 99 % of all academic web pages this one actually changes and brings in new content. Which is, y'know, nice.

But what I wanted to direct your attention to specifically is this page, which has two interesting but very academic texts on The Image and then, incongrously placed at the very bottom, completely without comment: a third essay by international superstar author Siri Hustvedt, which I figured might have interest for a wider audience, but who might not find it buried without comment on a Norwegian page for academics. And so I blog it. But if you're into that sort of thing, all three essays are interesting and perceptive, and should be read though.


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