2008 & tomato bombs

Yesterday at dinner* I made this big speech about how I had no idea what 2008 was going to be all about, and that I had to find out. At the time, I meant it in a slightly angsty, existential-vacuum kind of way. But after my hangover cleared up around dinnertime today, I got to thinking that not even knowing what you are going to do can be a blessing. I get to change my life this year, and I'm hoping that's a good thing. We have a great life in a new city, good friends, a new year and 16 year-old scotch. What more can a man ask for?

Happy new year's, everybody! Takk for det gamle.


Since you were wondering:

Mushroom soup with chantarelles and barley, bresaola, my pain a l'ancienne (which is French for really old bread).

Main course:

Angler filet with accordion potatoes, hollandaise hollandaise hollandaise hollandaise hollandaise fuck it: port sauce and tomato bombs** and fresh asparagus.


Spice girls pears (yes, those spice pears - they've been sitting in a glass in my fridge since then, and had totally soaked up the spices) with vanilla ice cream and raspberries.

I should quickly note that the lovely and talented Mikkel B made most of the cool stuff in the menu.


Tomato bombs

One of the simplest ways I have ever encountered of completely changing the presentation of a familiar taste, courtesy of Ellen & Frode:

Find some nice, tasteful tomatoes (I use smakstomater), not too big. Slice in half, sprinkle with salt and pepper and some spice (tarragon, parsley or basil are all good, but only use one and not too much).

Place in oven. Bake at 80°C (ca. 175°F) for 8 to 12 hours.

I mean, sure, you have to be home all day, but when those things are done, they do gastrogymnastics on your tongue. If I had to describe it, it is like the tastes that usually make up the already pretty complex taste of the tomato have been amplified and segmented into a 15 or 30 seconds long, immensely complex flavour. It starts out sweet, then shifts into salty and meaty/umami for a while before finishing on an almost painfully sour and acidic note as you crunch the remains of the tomato skin. They are perfect accompaniment to dense fish, meaty or gamy dishes.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

hollandaise, hollandaise, hollandaise.....MEN NÅ BEGYNTE JEG Å LURE...
hilsen glamourlingvisten Astrid

January 24, 2008 11:54 pm  

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