Interplanetary Twitt'ring

One of the things I love most about Twitter is the Phoenix feed from Mars, @MarsPhoenix. I mean, it's not really a feed from Mars, but it's written by someone in the ground crew of the digger from ITS first person perspective. It has now been joined by the Cassini probe, @CassiniSaturn which is out doing stuff near Saturn

CassiniSaturn Also passed through Saturn's ring plane today, from north to south. And observed other moons Enceladus, Janus, and Rhea.
3 hours ago from web

CassiniSaturn Busy day at Saturn! Distant flybys of the moons Daphnis (altitude = 43,000 km; 26,000 mi) and Prometheus (altitude = 31,000 km; 20,000 mi).
3 hours ago from web

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