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Well, now. Some startling developments in the past 24 hours.

First off, I'm now in Melbu, on the Hadsel island in the far north of Norway, on a rather hastily put-together assignment. I've never been on assignment for Klassekampen before, and I must say, I'm pretty stoked.

Man it's beautiful up here. This is one of the places you have to see before you die. I'm sitting in my hotel room, waiting for the sun to go down so I can go to sleep, only the sun doesn't set up here this time of year.

Secondly, I'm typing this on my new laptop. Although there have been long moments (days, even) where I have felt happy about not having a computer or internet access at home, most of the time, it's just led to many petty nuisances and practical problems. I'm almost a little ashamed at how much it feels like I'm rejoining the human race. I love finally having a place I can install my own software and customize my settings. I can't wait to have my computer just the way I want it.

The computer is an ASUS gaming model which I bought online. I didn't really realise from the pictures just how much styling there was on it, but it does rather scream "adolescent boy" when you get close to it (Matrix-green details, unnecessary flashing lights when the DirectX is used, glowy bits and bobs). HOWEVER, the hardware looks great, the keyboard is perfect, and the weight to power ratio is really not bad at all. And I got a great deal (I think).

Also, my new Canon is powering up over in the corner. Pictures of Melbu to follow tomorrow.

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Blogger Gaute said...

Current PC aesthetics seems to suggest that computers are the new customized cars; from flame decals and sharkfins to blue lights and plexiglass cases that allow you to see the 'engine' inside. I've assembled several desktop PCs myself, and it's always a headache finding a decent case (or 'chassis') that doesn't look like a sci-fi prop or a fifties hotrod. Even my sombre-looking HP laptop emits blue LED-light from every opening. Apparently, taste and restraint is for Apple people.

July 10, 2008 2:02 pm  

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